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Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Combine Taste with Expertise

We start by assessing your space, dreams and functional requirements to develop a schematic plan that meets your functional requirements and stylistic ideals. Together we choose the ideal materials and fixtures and appliances and I sketch them in perspective so you can visualize the space. Once we have decided on a design that you love, I aid in sourcing and specifying cabinetry, create a materials budget and help you to find contractors and subcontractors or work yours. I follow through during the construction phase to insure that the all the details of our design are implemented.

Interior Renovations

Make it Your Own

Whether it be making your new starter home become the space you have always dreamed of, or embarking on a full scale remodel and addition, I can help you plan, visualize and implement. This can be in the form of a consultation or which helps you imagine the possibilities, likely cost range and priorities; or a full scale project in which I work with you to develop the entire interior plan and aid in choosing, designing and communicating all of the design details, finishes and drawings to your contractors and subcontractors.

Window Treatments

Functional Designs That Enhance

Roman shade, curtain or roller? Room darkening or light filtering?
Patterns, colors, design? Sun or moisture resistant? Motorized or stationary?
The details associated with window coverings are important, particularly because the investment can be high when considering all of your windows and the over all outcome is so important to the overall feel of your space.

I help determine the best application for your particular situation, bring you samples, show you pictures, measure and follow up with additional samples if needed.

Collaborative Design For Residential Interiors

Design Services

Having spent the last 12 years running a full service design business and retail showroom, I am now focused on three areas that I believe I can bring the highest value to my clients: Kitchen and Bath Remodels, Interior Renovations and Customized Window Treatments. Embarking on any of these types of projects can be overwhelming and intimidating - the options are endless, the investment is high, and the outcomes are visible and lasting. Working with an experienced designer who you trust to navigate the choices, put together winning combinations, and who is knowledgeable about all of the details that go into the final implementation can be key to a successful project.

I would love to lead you through your next project. Below is a summary of what is involved when you embark on an engagement with me.

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